Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Starting our prep work



We first started being seen at the Reproductive Medicine Center over a year ago, but wanted to take the time to save up money to purchase our donor sperm for all of our available cycles. We easily could have saved one cycle at a time and then just skipped a couple months in between to save up for each one, but the last thing I want to be stressed out about while trying to conceive is finances.

So, now we have plenty in savings to cover vials of sperm for all four cycles that my insurance will cover. I guess it’s time to get this party started.

We started the preparations over the last few months. I changed my regular multi-vitamin to a prenatal vitamin. We started eating healthier. I started paying more attention to my cycles. I’ve been quitting smoking and I think I’m finally making it stick. And as of today, the test sticks for my trusty Clearblue Fertility monitor were delivered. (I’ve just never trusted myself enough to read the regular ovulation predictor kits). We have our follow-up appoint on November 26 to set up the insemination cycle schedule and find out about medications.

To say that I’m scared is the understatement of the year. Back when I was with my ex, we attempted a couple of inseminations and failed. Now mind you, that was using what was essentially a zero sperm count sample. Our chances of conceiving were less than 2%. With a healthy donor, our chances are up to 86% with multiple inseminations. Those are pretty good chances. And there are two of us. So, depending on circumstances, we might have a secondary uterus and a few more cycles to fall back on.

But the thought of failure -- I do not want to disappoint The Wife. I don’t want to feel the disappointment in my body again. It’s ridiculously hard to sit through that two weeks between insemination and pregnancy test imagining a sweet little baby coming into your life only to have your heart broken month after month.


  1. Best wishes as you get started! I'm on day 9 of a two week wait right now, and it certainly does wreak havoc on your psyche. I know exactly what you mean about the prospective disappointment.

  2. If it doesn't work, we can always revert to kidnapping. I'm always up for a challenge! (This incriminates me, doesn't it? Crap.)

  3. I will start the baby praying today!

  4. I can't imagine the stress of not knowing and waiting! And then I'm sure being told you need to not worry! Will say prayers for calm, peace, and a little one for you!

  5. Oh good luck!! So to be nosy (I am) are you both trying at the same time? Or taking turns? I'm curious!

  6. Thanks for sharing your personal story at Time For Mom! I haven't seen your blog before but I LOVE your tagline! I hope you join us again today.


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