Friday, November 22, 2013

Bring Out The Big Guns...Please?

Next week, we'll be meeting with our reproductive endocrinologist again to start making plans for the beginning of 2014.

A year ago, when we first decided we were ready to start the baby making process, the plan was-

Cycle Days 3-7  Take Clomid
Cycle Day 12     Ultrasound to verify good follicles
Cycle Day 12     If follicles are cooperating, HCG ovulation trigger shot
Day 13 or 14     Insemination

But because of my history of failed attempts, I really want to beg the doctor for stronger medications. I am not opposed to injectables, if he would be willing. At the minimum, I'd really like for him to let me try Femara, which is a step up from Clomid.  I just really want to give us the best chance we can get.

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  1. I hope you get a good plan you feel comfortable with! I actually just saw an article (but can't tell you from where at the moment) about clomid not being as effective/awesome as its generally thought to be. While my experience (apart from not getting pregnant) was kind of neither here-nor-there, I also do know I was quoted a 12-15% success rate for clomid + IUI and a jump to 20% with injectibles + IUI so . . .especially if you have the $$, why not do that?


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