Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chasing Sleep

Sleep has always been a challenge for me. Most nights, I’m lucky to fall asleep before midnight. Nighttime is the most difficult time for me to slow my mind and body down. And, of course, after a few nights of difficulty, it starts to impact my daytime hours. I end up irritable and can’t focus on anything.
I've tried all of the sleep hygiene guidelines. I have tried over the counter medications and natural remedies. My attempt to use prescription sleep medications can only be described as comical, but could have ended in disaster. Every night I took them, I did something ridiculous and was completely unaware of it. I cooked an entire meal, but didn't clean the kitchen. I registered for college classes and applied for financial aid. It’s called somnambulist activities. It’s actually the very first side effect listed on the Patient Information sheet. Scary, right? As someone who has experienced it first hand, let me assure you, it’s freaking terrifying! I’m so lucky that I didn't do anything dangerous like driving.

With my vast experience with sleep aids, I certainly didn't have many expectations of success when I was offered a review sample of immortalsleep Deep-Sleep Formula. The packages arrived and I checked out the ingredients.

Ingrendients: L-theanine, rehmannia root, poria, polygala, grassleaf sweetflag, biota seed, licorice roto, platcodon, condonopsis, asparagus root, schizandra, angelica root, scrophularia root, zizyphus seed, salvia root, and ophiopogon root

I used my Google Fu and to research the ingredients. It seems they are all commonly used in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and there weren't any significant concerns. (Obviously, I am not a licensed professional and you should consult your own medical professional before trying new supplements)

I've taken the supplement for three nights now. I've been taking it about a half hour before I lay down. Now I won’t say that it has helped me fall asleep, because I am still laying in bed for up to 45 minutes before I manage to drift off. BUT in the past three nights, I have had the most refreshing sleep I have had in years. Generally, I take at least one nap a day, but with imortalsleep, I have not taken a single nap. I feel much more relaxed during the time that I am falling asleep. My anxiety is significantly reduced. My mind just seems generally calmer.

I've done a bit of a scientific testing process with this. I slept one night on the sofa (because I tend to relocate there if I’m having a difficult time sleeping), one night in our bed alone, and one night in bed with Wendy. The location has had no impact on the quality of my sleep.

Overall, I think that if I didn't have the sleep issues I have, immortalsleep would be the perfect remedy to help with occasional insomia. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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