Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's been 580 days since my last post and our world is forever changed

It is coming up on our son's first birthday. Everything has changed. And yet it all feels as though it is exactly how it has always been.  Oslo fits perfectly, because his space in our family was always just right here waiting for him. I am so deeply in love with this little creature.

There is no way for me to update you on the exhaustion, elation, depression of this first year of his life. I am still struggling with pretty severe postpartum depression and anxiety. I spent some time trying to recover in a partial hospitalization program. Ozzy has been the light of every day. If I could spend all of my time curled up in my bed in the dark with Oz, the world would be okay.  Postpartum depression is not very logical.

 In chronological order, Ozzy's first 11 months in 108 photographs.

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