Wednesday, July 24, 2013

31 Days and Counting!

Here's the deal my friends. We've spent the last month or so getting caught up on all of the big wedding tasks; making favors, designing programs, mailing invites, finishing centerpieces, collecting RSVPs. It's been wedding planning central around here.

Unfortunately, that has really left the housework on the back burner. And now I've come to discover that I'm in way over my head with getting this place organized and cleaned up for company to arrive! Like really over my head! And I have a housekeeper coming to do all the really deep cleaning on August 19, which is only 26 days away.

So, I'm setting myself up with a challenge. Get this house shipshape! I spent the morning gathering various "clean your house in 30 days" lists from around the internet. And let me tell you, there are about a million; Laura's Crafty Life, Fresh and Organized, Apartment Therapy, Mommy Savers, 31 Days to Clean, Cindy Riddle's 30 Day Cleaning Schedule.  Like I said, tons of options. Since there is no list that will work for every home and because I'd like to shorten the time frame to three weeks, I picked through the lists and developed a list that will work for me.

The plan is a minimum of four items a day, though I have a feeling on some days when I get into the swing of cleaning, I'll do far more than four. But this at least gives us a detailed checklist to use.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keto No More

I stopped Keto. Long story short, it was leading to very, very disordered eating patterns for me. I was thinking about nothing but food and eating. I was obsessing. And panicking when I 'screwed up'. It was no longer healthy eating and whole food choices. It had become about controlling my body and my world. I don't want to go into it much beyond that, because it starts getting too personal. I have managed to stabilize my weight again, and am going to start working on being more active again.

I've been going to a weekly yoga class to help myself learn to be more comfortable in my body again. I adore yoga. I never thought that it would be something I would enjoy, but I am taking a class that is designed for larger bodied folks and it is so wonderful. I leave feeling strong and challenged and relaxed.

We're 32 days out from the wedding and getting so excited. All of the tiny details are complete and we just have some last minute things that need to be taken care of. Unfortunately, the nerves and stress has also gotten to me and I started smoking again. But I also have a prescription waiting for me at the pharmacy to get rid of that little issue again.

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