Thursday, October 31, 2013

How I became a ~Gatekeeper to Democracy~

Earlier last week I read an article in the newspaper about the city's need for election judges. With only two weeks until voting day, they were still over 300 judges short. I thought about it a bit and decided I would put in an application. I didn't,however,think they would actually need me. Surely, the article would drum up enough interest,right? Wrong. The very next day, I received a phone call with my precinct assignment and training schedule.

I attended my training class last night,which honestly was boring as all get out. But I did learn a few things and I officially became a certified election judge.

The Minneapolis Election Judge Credo

As election judges we serve as the Gatekeepers of Democracy.
As the public's guardians of freedom within a democratic society, we are responsible for the integrity of the election process.
On behalf of the people of the city of Minneapolis we proudly conduct elections with accuracy, integrity and dignity.
We conduct ourselves and serve the voters in a manner that maintains public trust and confidence in honest and impartial elections.

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