Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Little Foster Pal

Hi Gorgeousness! (And a special hello to whoever started following me on Bloglovin! You're my first official follower that isn't just me!)

I thought I'd introduce you to our beautiful little foster. She's going to be staying with us for a month or two until she can mature enough to eat on her own. Her official name with the rescue is Avita, but I've just been calling her Squeak or Kitt.


She is so tiny that she needs to eat every few hours, which has required to me sleeping on the couch for the last week, except for last night when my Wife took over baby duty so that I could get a solid night of sleep. 

I was laughing a bit tonight about it, because in reality, with our plans to add a new baby to the family sometime in the next year, it's great practice! It's been a long time since we've spent so much energy caring for something this tiny,and helpless.  

Speaking of our plans to add to the family, I've been narrowing down our donor choices and paying more attention to what I'm eating and drinking. I'm going to start working on decreasing my caffeine intake. At this point, I think that our plan is to start trying officially as soon as the holidays are over. I lost the ten pounds of stress weight that I gained during the wedding and I've managed to remain a non-smoker (in spite of a couple of incredibly difficult nights that I was dying to light up).  So, yep. We're ready.  Now just to get through the the holidays in a relatively healthy way! 

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  1. sweet and what a wonderful job you are doing and terrific practice for parenthood!
    I think I'm your 2nd follower and proud of it!!!
    Barbara @


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