Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Wedding Wines for Wino Wednesday!

Following along with some girls after my own heart, I am going to participate in Wino Wednesdays! Essentially, an excuse to drink wine, write about wine, enjoy wine. I'm good with that!

A year ago in December, we attended the wedding of a darling friend who is the daughter of our darling friend. (The sounds so complex! Basically we're friends with S,the mom, and R, the daughter.) When I went up to the bar to get a glass of wine, I noticed that the wine was home bottled. I mentioned how cool that was to S and how amazing the wine was. Later that night before we left, S informed us that she wanted to bottle all the wine for our wedding as her gift to us! AMAZING! Not only was it the most thoughtful, generous gift, but it saved us a great deal of money and gave us another amazing story to go along with our wedding. 

When S presented us with the cases of wine, I nearly died of heart-splosion! Earlier in the year I had a custom cartoon drawn of our dogs to give to Wendy as a gift, and S had used that drawing to design the wine bottle labels!  

And I present to you, our wedding wines, from Riley & June Vineyards (which you will never find in any fancy wine retailer near you!) 

Fancy Pants White

Landshark Red

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  1. I love the labels! What a fabulous and thoughtful addition to your wedding.

    Thanks for joining the Wino Wednesday party!


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