Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coming Out of "Blog Retirement"

Years ago, I was an avid blogger. Well, I guess officially, I was an avid LiveJournaler. My LiveJournal contains over 1200 posts from a 10 year time period. I wrote daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I disclosed everything to my small, but tight knit "friends list". I wrote about what was happening in my life, about my relationships, about bad dates, about the life lessons I was learning, and the things in my life I was excited about. It was a diary, of sorts. Mostly, it was a community that I held near and dear to my heart. I stopped using LiveJournal when Facebook became all the rage, because most of my friends transferred over. There are still a few diehards that I log into LiveJournal to check up on, but for the most part, it's a ghost town. And I miss it!

 So, I head back to the idea of blogging. And I start up a blogger account, or a new Wordpress blog. And then I start jumping around the blogosphere and I'm disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful bloggers out there. Blogs that let me look into lives and truly get to know their writers. But for the most part... Well, let's just say that if I ever have a spare armoire sitting around I'll know fifty ways to reuse it and I could build an entire home of furniture if I ever stumble upon a treasure trove of pallets. They all seem to be linking to each other, and most of the "link parties" are the same 100 posts on the same 100 blogs.

 *sigh* I am so incredibly impressed by the amount of creative, crafty folks out there, but where are all of the LIFE blogs? Is there still a community left in blogging? Is the only way to connect with people to throw another "that's awesome" into the comments on yet another DIY project?


  1. Hi! Thanks for your comments on my blog. As you may have seen, there's some DIY, cooking, gardening, photography, etc, but it's definitely about my life. I look forward to reading more about yours. Happy blogging!


  2. It is great to read about peoples lives, I'm a bit of a mixture blogger myself. I like to write about my life, my experiences but sometimes my experiences translate fantastically into advice or recipes :)


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