Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

This Thursday I am thankful for...

1.  This little girl. She's so ridiculously sweet and lovely. She's a constant reminder in my life of newness and hope. Between that and being so adorably shaped like a furry golf ball, I can honestly say that she brings joy to my life every single day. (Even when I'm utterly and completely exhausted because she is keeping me up all night, which brings us to item no. 2 on my list)

2.  With the inevitable tiny amount of sleep I have been getting lately, I have been consuming an abnormally large amount of coffee. Pumpkin Spice cream has been without a doubt making this a much more enjoyable experience. 

3. To continue on with the autumnal theme, the beautiful view from my front porch. Even though my reasoning for sitting on my front porch is not my proudest (smoking again), there is something about the colors of fall that really soothe my soul; the creamy yellows and browns of the leaves on the ground, the soft bluish grey of the sky,the deep greens of the pine trees. The earth is falling asleep. It's a constant reminder of the need to slow down during this season. 

4. My wonderful, amazing, beautiful wife. She has been so patient with me this last month or two as I have struggled with anxiety and depression. I am not the ideal partner when I'm in the midst of a panic attack or having a really hard night. I'm so incredibly grateful that I found her and that I get to keep her. 

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