Monday, December 23, 2013

Packing Low-Carb Road Trip Snacks

I've learned a great new trick this week thanks to the lovely Katie over at KTJ Weights In.  This week, I took on the phrase "I don't eat that".  It feels so much less depriving than "I can't eat that". And reminds me that the reasons for us eating (modified) Keto go so far beyond just losing weight. Give it a try. Let me know how it works for you.

Since we don't eat sugars and grains, roadtrip snacking and meals can be a bit difficult. Fast food just is not an option for us anymore. We don't eat chips, candy, pretzels, popcorn, and most standard convenience market snacks. So, what does a family do when an 8 hour road trip is unavoidable and they need to keep things low-carb?


Cheese is your low-carb friend!  For our holiday trip this year, I packed cheddar and colby to munch on, but most cheese are zero or very low-carb.


There are so many pre-cooked meats that you can use as snacks, but as far as road trip friendly food, you con't want things that require a large amount of refrigeration. We'll have a small cooler with us, so we're sticking with summer sausage and pepperoni. I also packed up a few packets of zero-carb beef jerky, but keep an eye on that, because most jerky is not zero-carb.


Okay, so almonds are not zero carb. They average 6-9 carbs a serving. What we have found though is that because there is such a huge variety of flavored almonds that we can cure almost any craving with one serving. They're packed with protein, so they keep us satisfied much longer than other snacks. Basically, I'm saying that they are worth the carbs. For this trip, I mixed together dark chocolate and vanilla roast almonds by Emerald. 

And with that last photo you may have picked up on what is my best tip for packing snacks if you are attempting to maintain a low-carb diet while traveling.  LABEL LABEL LABEL. 

I am way to reliant on technology for tracking my food every day. And I know that if I tried to bring a notebook and pen along with me, I would forget to write things down or I would lose either the open or the notebook in the shuffle of the car.  I individually portioned each snack item and then labeled the bag with the amount, the carb count, and the calories. This helps us to stay on top of it. And for those of us that don't have the greatest memory, you can just  pull the label off the package and stick it on the dashboard to serve as your food log for the day. 

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