Sunday, December 8, 2013

30 Days of Lists-December Week One Update!

I finished the first week of lists!  I'm pretty impressed. And instead of just blogging them as I originally planned, I made little art-journal pages. I am *not* an artist. But it has been so fun coming up with ideas for each page and putting them together at night.  Some of the lists have been really hard for me to write, because I just get stumped or because I could list for hours and hours on the topic and narrowing it down is near to impossible.

On to the update:

Day 1: Before the End of the year...
~Finish 12 days of Christmas swap
~31 Days of Lists
~Trip to Missouri
~New Years Eve with my WIFE! 
~Wrap *all* the gifts!
~Find a new yoga class! 

Day 2: Around my home...~Tons of art that I LOVE
~Family and friends pictures
~Scrawn, uneven Christmas tree
~holiday decorations on every surface
~2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 foster kitten
~Warm colors
~True support
~A little bit of crazy and a whole ton of safety

Day 3: This is the only time of year I...~dread the weather forecast
~hate living in MN
~receive daily UPS deliveries
~love checking the mail
~actually enjoy spending money

Day 4: I am happy to report~My credit is up 100+ points in 2013
~I am writing more and taking time to read
~Tons of snow dropped today!
 ~I've been working hard to clear toxic relationships and nurture healthy ones! 

Day 5: Traditions!~singing "TRADITION" loudly whenever I hear the word!
~failing at creating traditions
~McDonald's Fries and Wendy's Frosties when I am sick
~Open one holiday gift on the winter solstice

Day Six: On my reading list...~The Irresistible Revolution: living as an ordinary radical by Shane Claiborne
 ~You're Already Amazing: Embracing who you are, becoming all God created you to be by Holley Gerth
~Perfectly Unique: praising God from head to foot by Annie F. Downs
~Carry On, Warrior: thoughts on life unarmed by Glennon Doyle Melton

Day Seven: What I'm going to remember about today...
~random acts of kindness feel wonderful
~I'm great at gift wrapping, but only enjoy it for about a half-hour.
~I am never too old to make a homemade gift for my mama.

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    Just wanted to tell you that I finally got me a blog button for you to grab. Have a whole new look also on the blog.

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