Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh, Christmas Tree!

The holidays have officially landed at Casa Amelia y Familia. I'm still struggling to actually get in the spirit and feel the holiday but I will always fake it 'til I make it. Even with tinsel. I definitely did not want to decorate the house. But when the cashier at Target laughed at my bah humbug attitude on Saturday night, I decided it was time to at least attempt to shake the funk.

Since I always get a kick out of seeing into the homes of other bloggers, I thought I'd give you a little decoration tour.

Our little tree is a bit on the pathetic side. It stands six feet tall, but it's "one of them new-fangled" slim trees. It's new as of last year, but for some reason when we put it up this year, it looks sparse and lopsided. I think we might be inheriting a full sized tree that is 7-feet tall, and if we don't, we'll be hitting the stores on the 26th for the Christmas clearance sales. 

OOOO  Shiny!

Hidden among all of our ornaments are three perfect paw prints. If you've never tried to press a cat's paw into a blob of salt dough, I do not recommend it. I'm surprised I walked away from the situation with all of my fingers. 

I recently was informed by a friend that our Nativity is a bit on the phallic side. Now I cannot look at it in the same way. So, I'll be shopping for a new Nativity this season, as well.  

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  1. Crafts Direct in St. Cloud has AWESOME trees and awesome sales on the 26th. We're heading there for a new tree for next year.


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