Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Has anyone seen my brain?

The Wife and I both started classes this last Monday. To say that our house has dove headfirst into a bit of chaos is the understatement of all time. She's working her way through four classes. I'm working my way through four classes. Essentially from as soon as we finish eating dinner at night until we are ready to fall asleep, we're both working on homework. Thankfully this first week has been pretty simple and it's giving me a little bit of time to ease into it. 

The Wife has been doing this for a few semesters now, and between working full-time and her class load, she's been pretty exhausted, but successful. And I'm sure that once I get a handle on the overwhelmed feeling and get myself on a better schedule for my day to day household management, I will be successful, too!

Until that household management schedule gets put in place though, if you come over to visit, don't mind me. My hair is never brushed before noon anyway! 

1 comment:

  1. My husband and I did school and work a few years ago with a toddler and it was so crazy busy - enjoy your downtime when you can!!! Just saying hi, I'm in your SITS Tribe!


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