Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 and One Word 365

I tried the resolution thing for years.  Each New Years' Eve I would start obsessing. What in the world was I going to do about my life? What tiny little thing was I going to focus on that was going to change everything? Before midnight, I'd come up with a horrible list of goals and obligations that I would stress out about for the entire month of January. By the second week of February, I would have a list of excuses just as long as my list of goals. And a year later, nothing had changed.

A few years ago, the beautiful and genius Regina over at Soul Composting introduced me to the concept of a choosing one year to focus on throughout the year.

I recently discovered the One Word 365 community and I'm pretty stoked about connecting with other folks who are committing to the same word.

Last year, I chose to focus on Balance. And it was such an affirming selection. I learned balance in my world view. I applied balance to my parenting style. I found balance in my daily schedule, and in the time I devoted to my home, my relationships, and my self-care.

This year, I spent most of December thinking about the word that I would concentrate on for 2014. There were a few really close runner-ups;

  • Present (to BE present and focus on the present)
  • Grace (to do honor or credit to, and, of course, God's Grace)
  • Faith (in myself, in God, in others)

But none of those words felt exactly etched into my heart. I prayed. I meditated. I word-clouded. And nothing felt right. Until I woke up this morning, and the word slid into my thoughts as though it had been waiting, a little epiphany and blessing.

For 2014, I will CONNECT

Connect to other people- New people, old people, current relationships, family, friends. I want to foster relationships with authentic connection.

Connect to myself - Pay more attention to what my heart and soul truly need. I want to listen to my inner guide. I want to connect to who I am behind everything else.

Connect to God- My focus will be more on my relationship with God this year. More prayer, more listening, more reflection. A deeper connection.

Connect to community- Finding a church, taking more classes, joining more groups, establishing true community connections. 

Connect to nature - Spending more time doing the things I truly love outdoors; hiking, camping, kayaking. And while I am doing those things, truly taking the time to appreciate the connection  of everything. 

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