Monday, April 8, 2013

Three steps forward, Two steps back.

I actually gained one pound this week.  I'm thinking that it is what is known in the Keto world as P.I.S.S, post-induction stalling syndrome.  My body is just evening out. But it could also be trying to get back in the swing of things after last weeks' cheat day.  I am trying to pay close attention to the effect that "cheating" has on things like stalling my losses and how I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I've already proven to myself that my body functions better when I am limiting my carb intake. It's simply a matter of sugar addiction, emotional eating, and societal influence.  Giving up sugar has honestly been more difficult for me than giving up cigarettes. With cigarettes, there was medication support to get me through the first weeks when the cravings were ridiculously difficult. With sugar/carbs, there's nothing but me and my will power that keeps me from buying a candy bar every time that I stop to get gas or cruising through the McDonald's drive-thru to grab a delicious ice cream treat.  Thankfully, those things haven't stopped me up yet.  Little day-to-day life circumstances have; a tray of cookies at a party, a birthday cake at a pre-preschooler's birthday dinner.

I made much better decisions in both situations, eating only a bite of the birthday cake and 3 cookies opposed to the normal six or seven that I would eaten in the past. But I was still completely incapable to avoid the temptation. I suppose that is an improvement and it's all about small steps in the right direction. I struggled a bit last night with feeling bad about my slow progress, but I must remind myself that any progress is progress- even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the scale.

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