Sunday, April 28, 2013

Month Two Progress Update

Starting Weight:  268.2
Current Weight: 251.0
Total Loss:  17.2 pounds

We've stuck to this for 8 entire weeks. There have been some stumbles. There have been ups and downs.  But, I am still feeling better than I have felt in years. I'm not having major carb crashes in the middle of every day. My moods are still amazingly stable.

Some folks who eat LFHC just eat until they are satisfied every day, don't worry about calorie counts, and manage to do very well.  But with my history of eating disorders, I have found that I just can't trust my body to tell me when I have had enough. I either heavily overestimate my calorie count and put my body into starvation mode or I feel "hungry" all day and eat far more than I actually need.  Either way, I just find that it doesn't work for me to use my malfunctioning "satisfaction meter".  So, my goal this coming month is to work on retraining my brain when it comes to my daily meal planning. I'd like to be able to trust in my ability to recognize different levels of hunger and satisfaction. Part of that is going to be focusing on mindfulness while I am eating- slowing down, listening to my body, checking in with myself frequently during meals. It's also going to involve a lot more being aware of what hunger actually looks like for me and starting to notice when I am legitimately hungry and when I'm just bored, tired, angry, lonely, etc.

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