Sunday, March 31, 2013

One month progress update

So, as of today, we have been on Keto for 28 days.  And in that month, I have lost 11 pounds.  Of course, I would be much happier if this was a larger number, especially when I compare that number to some of the outrageously awesome losses I have seen from others.  BUT eleven pounds is nothing to balk at!  And that's 11 pounds comfortably, easily, and consistently. I'm going to try to get some measurements later today and perhaps some one month progress pictures, though I'm pretty sure you won't be able to see much.  Eleven pounds just isn't as evident on my frame.

If I stay on this consistent loss schedule, hopefully in the next month,
I'll start noticing it in my body. I'm going to go through my clothes this week and maybe I'll be able to pick out some things to track some of my non-scale related progress with.

More importantly is how great I feel!  I never felt particularly deprived. We've been trying a ton of new recipes, including yummy sweets and breakfast options.  We've been eating 95% whole foods, which is super important to me. I'm so much more aware of the food that we're putting into our bodies.  My energy level is more consistent than it has been in years. Combined with my medication and exercise, my mood is super stable. This style of eating really, really works for my body!

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