Monday, March 11, 2013

Keto Trial Week One

Wendy and I decided last week to give following a new eating style a trial. Now I know that the keto diet has some skeptics and some folks who are downright opposed to it. With the vehement nature of some of the responses we have gotten, I am starting to feel like there are some moral implications that I am unaware of. Really!  Folks get downright hostile about it!

I can make you a gargantuan promise, my dear friends. With as many problems as I have had with food, body image, nutrition, and fitness, there is absolutely no way that I would take on a dietary change without a very large amount of research and consideration. I am not, and have never been, a fad diet follower  I never tried Atkins, South Beach or the Zone, didn't jump on the cabbage soup diet or Slim Fast. The Biggest Loser style of dieting scares the bejeezus out of me.

I have read so many peer reviewed research studies on the topic that I feel as though I could probably be published in an academic journal myself if I were inclined to write my own paper.

Not being someone who enjoys preachiness OR conflict, I think I'm just going to start carrying around a list of resources and references to hand out for anyone who asks about it. That way I  can stop feeling the need to justify my decision to everyone that asks about it. We'll see.  Hopefully the questioning will slow down as people get used to us eating this way.

In the past week, we have eaten better than we have eaten in years! I've been absolutely impressed with our decisions.  Every meal has been whole foods and cooked from scratch. There are no "frankenfoods" in our house. We've tried a number of new recipes, including an AWESOME one that I made up on my own yesterday morning. I might even get around to posting it here once I do some tweaking.

I've lost a few pounds, but more importantly, I feel good. I haven't been having having my normal 2 pm energy crash. My mood is surprisingly consistent. Considering it is early March, this is miraculous for me. Normally Seasonal Affective Disorder would have left me in a very, very dark place. Now, I am by no means claiming that not eating carbs has cured my mental illness. My anxiety is still through the roof. I've still had down days. But, even if it's a placebo from taking better care of my body and getting a little self-esteem boost, there is a definite difference in the stability of my moods.

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