Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Dreaded Two Week Wait

Here we are. In our very first two week wait for our very first insemination. And though I told myself in the buildup that I wouldn't obsess, that I would just go about my life, I still find myself worrying about *everything*.

Did I just cough to hard? 
What if I squatted down to fast to pick up the dog and dislodged anything that could have been happening? 
How did I not know that I cannot drink hibiscus tea if I'm trying to get knocked up? Obviously, that cup of tea I just drank is destroying every chance I had!

My brain just cannot seem to shut off. Right now, if all is going the way we want it to, this is happening in my body:

And really, that could be exact it. Everything that could go well for us, went great. When we went in on Friday for my Day 12 scan, I had two really great looking, "juicy" follicles getting ready to spit out some eggs. I took my trigger shot at exactly 8 p.m. on Saturday night, and 37 hours later, we were inseminated. Our donor vial had a post-thaw, post-wash count of 23 million!  23 MILLION! (Anything over 10 million is acceptable and 15 is the norm. We got 23 Million!) I had absolutely no "regurgitation" or spilling. My acupuncture appointment afterword was relaxing and rejuvenating. 

So, now...we sit. And we wait. Until February 25. (Or more likely February 26, because I'll be too scared to test and would rather just wait it out).  

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