Photo Scavenger Hunt

1 - Something that represents JOY to you.

On August 24, I married my wife. Here she is with our 16 year old son at the wedding. They *are* my JOY.

2 - Something that needs a makeover.

Me. Obviously this is a terrible picture, but they all have been lately.

3 - Something that helps you get through the day.
That's June on the left and Riley on the right. 
These two crazy beasts. If it weren't for them, I would probably lose my mind. 

4 - An interesting poster, banner or painting with a unique message.

The Keep Calm and Carry On signs drive me batty. They're useless! Raise Hell! Change the world. And a little shout out to Ms. Annie Oakley there on the left hand wall! 

5 - Something in multiples.

Pill bottles are a regular part of my daily life. This is my nighttime regimen. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, chronic severe depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. All of these little bottles keep me functional and I am so grateful to modern medical science for that. 

6 - Something vintage.

This is my favorite wall in my entire house. (Excuse the crookedness of the photos! I need to get in there and straighten them.)  These are all vintage photos of my wife's family. The beautiful lady in the large photo is Granny Viv. We love her with all our hearts and there has never been a more supportive or loving woman. 

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